Ornementations - Painted decor

Trompel'oeil peint sur feuille d'or Château Versailles.

Interior decoration :
If you dare decorative paintings ?

Panoramics and painted outdoor walls, trompe l’oeil, frescoes, ornementations, painted skies, fake wood and marble, patinas, fake stones, gold leafing

A wall, a ground, a ceiling painted by an artistic painter…decorative techniques at your disposal !

Tha artist will bring harmony in colours, life in spaces, he will translate your wishes into decors and give you ideas if you can’t make up your mind. Some colour here, some ornement there, then a landscape or just patinas…

Decorative painting personalizes your homes, and can either be very discreet or very eye-catching

if you so wish.

The ornementation, what a diversity

Element wich elevate, beautify, decorate, the ornement…


Nos décors peints