Decorative textures

Bespoke decorative textures​

Our mineral textures find their place in all interiors and give them an authentic appeal and elegance like every noble material.We apply our textures directly in situ or on prepared slab (biggest size 1,70×1,20 cm).

Wall textures for a bespoke renovation

Don’t hesitate anymore ! Our decorative textures play with light during the day, reflect it and give many different shades, as if walls vibrated. Much more than a coat of paint, wall textures will give a real appeal to your homes and will age beautifully year after year.

We do marmorino, stucco, waxed concrete, cold metallisation, textures imitation :

crocodile, leather, bark, raw concrete, mother-of-pearl and so on.

(We have over twenty years’ experience and our know-how is a blend of artistic creativity and decorating tecniques)



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